Ephesians – The Mystery Revealed


Eph_whoamiWho am I?

Brad Rumble  

12 October 2014

The Apostle Paul reminded us of an eternal fact that should be the most impacting reality in the life of every believer.  That simply through faith in Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord – we have an identity that is quite simply unimaginable.  The question every Christian should ask is: “does my life reflect my identity?”

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Eph_forthisreasonFor this reason I pray

Brad Rumble  

19 October 2014

Do you ever feel unworthy?  The reality is we are unworthy!  None of us is worthy!  But so far as God is concerned – worthiness doesn’t come into it.  That is why – having declared the truth for every believer in Christ – Paul’s natural response was to pray – but what did he pray for?

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Eph_PortraitPortrait of our Salvation 

Brad Rumble

26 October 2014

The first ten verses of Ephesians 2 – stand out as one of the most preached on and best loved passages of the entire Bible.  So as we look again at the portrait of our Salvation – let us try to draw out each of the colours that Paul uses as he tries to introduce us to what has to be the most astonishing truth of our Salvation – and the implications that has for our eternity.

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Eph_LandscapeLandscape of our Salvation 

Brad Rumble  

9 November 2014

In the second part of Ephesians 2 Paul describes the Landscape of Salvation – that is what is it that God’s Gracious Salvation in Christ Jesus means for the world, importantly how God – in this age – has torn down those walls that he put in place for a purpose – but now in Christ, there is no reason for the separation.

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Brad Rumble

16 November 2014

In this passage Paul gives the most complete description of our Position in Christ anywhere in the Bible – it is a topic that we were introduced to last week – a truth that was a mystery to the Old Testament believers – and was only taught in Parables by Jesus.

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Eph_StaircaseStaircase of Prayer  

Brad Rumble  

23 November 2014

The endless ability of God to work beyond our prayers, out thoughts, our dreams, by the power at work within us is within us as individuals and collectively as a people.  This is the power of the resurrection, the power which raised Christ from the dead, enthroned him in heaven and then raised and enthroned us with him.  That is the power at work in the Christian and in the Church.

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Eph_GodsgiftGod’s Gift 

Brad Rumble 

1 February 2015

If you are a follower of Jesus – if you are a believer – then you are called – you are gifted to serve – and God who has begun that work in you will continue that work.  The question is – are you fulfilling God’s call in your life.

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Eph_OutwitholdOut with the old  

Brad Rumble  

8 February 2015

The first 3 chapters of Ephesians teach us that believers are seated with Christ – through Christ. The next 3 chapters teach us how this should affect our lives on earth. In today’s reading, the Holy Spirit shows what that looks like in a very practical sense:

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Brad Rumble 

15 February 2015

The illustration of light is given to demonstrate the impact that believers and the Church should have.

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Eph_MysteryA Profound Mystery

Brad Rumble 

22 February 2015

In a passage that is so practical and yet contentious, we discover a profound illustration of the relationship that we are invited to experience with our Lord and Saviour.

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Facing the Enemy

Brad Rumble 

8 March 2015

“For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age…” How are we equipped for such battles? Paul makes it clear that we are well armed – but how prepared are we?

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