A vital part of any church is the commission given by Jesus to share the Gospel, locally, and all around the world.  As a church we support a number of mission organizations.

But a couple of mission organizations are particularly close to our heart.



Fusion Australia is a youth and community organization committed to seeing young people and their communities come alive.  For over 50 years, Fusion has worked alongside people of goodwill to transform communities across Australia and the Globe.  Some years ago now, Oakleigh Baptist and Fusion South East Melbourne formed a partnership to support one another in achieving the commission and call that we have to reach out to the people in the South Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne.

Around the world

My Place

The ministry of My Place seeks to carry out the integral mission that Jesus had pioneered, but in the developing countries of South East Asia.  My Place has the objective of meeting the physical needs of people in these communities, while demonstrating Kingdom values so that these people will ‘see God’ and have the opportunity to respond accordingly.  At the heart of the mission are the children in whom the Holy Spirit is “raising up Christian leaders of tomorrow by serving the least amongst us today.”  These and other children, similarly introduced to and brought up in the Lord are the ones who are becoming the evangelists in this 90% Buddhist country.

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