What we believe

Slide1What we believe about Creation 

Brad Rumble 

23 June 2013

Does it really matter what we believe about Creation?  I believe it does, and is worth the effort to discover that both science and the Bible point to God and His handiwork.  And knowing the truth enables us to trust his faithfulness.

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Slide4What we believe about Baptism 

Brad Rumble 

4 August 2013

Jesus commanded His followers to be baptised, and for thousands of years his followers have been obeying this command.  But what does baptism look like, what does it mean and is it really important for Christians to be baptised?

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Slide5What we believe about Jesus Resurrection 

Brad Rumble

11 August 2013

The most important question you will ever ask is what you believe about Jesus and His Resurrection.  It will change your understanding of life, death and eternity – and depending on your actions it will change your destiny.

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Slide6What we believe about The Divine Interruption 

Brad Rumble

25 August 2013

We tend to think of our lives as linear – a fairly steady progression from birth through life until our lives come to an end.  But in this passage we are given a picture of the most astonishing interruption – one that will impact the entire world.

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Slide8What we believe about What we cannot see 

Brad Rumble 

15 September 2013

The Bible is clear on the reality of a Spiritual world that we rarely if ever see – and yet influences our lives for good and for evil.  Our actions – our faith – and our attitude to the Bible and applying it to our lives will have a direct effect on the influence of the Spiritual world.

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