It was quite some time ago that I wrote an article expressing a plan to meet together as a church. Then cases of Covid broke out across Melbourne and we went into lockdown. As we slowly look to open up I want to share our plan of what this will look like.

Initially, when we take the next step (we will know Sunday ‘today’ sometime when that will be), we will be able to host our service outside for “up to 20 people, plus 1 faith leader.” (dhhs)

Proposed Church gatherings 3rd step (suggested from 2nd November 2020)

  • We will continue to record our service during the week and post it online for 10:30 Sunday Morning.
  • We will setup out the front of the church with a TV & speakers – with chairs and shelters. Already people have been gardening and making things look nice (there is lots to do so if you have some spare time bring some gloves and come and help).
  • We will start 15 minutes early with an acoustic guitar and some singing to get us warmed up.
  • We will join the service at 10:30 am
  • When it comes time for the message, we will switch off the service and I will speak ‘live’

The first Sunday back

It is unlikely that everyone who wants to attend the first Sunday back will fit (at least I hope that more than 20 would like to join us) so that first week we will run as many services as we need to get everyone through, then in following weeks we will make decisions on where we go from there.

We will need lots of help in setting up and making sure everyone is cared for so this will be a big team effort.

I believe this is a God given opportunity for us to declare to the people of our community that God is alive and at work in the world and in our lives. I can just imagine the witness as we gather to worship, to pray, to proclaim the Good News and to fellowship as brothers and sisters. Certainly, if you feel there is a risk in gathering and prefer to worship from home, then you are welcome, and we will continue to bring worship into the home via our website. But I don’t want anyone to miss out if they wish to gather together for worship.

We will need to arrange a booking system so that we comply, There will be further information on this when we know when we can begin.

In the meantime – please pray that we will be a positive witness in our community. Who know, maybe the first time we gather together we will have an Acts 2 impact in Oakleigh.