Christmas is full of interruptions.  I know that for many families, a well-planned Christmas is the best way to enjoy and make the most of the season. Some might even say the only way to survive this hectic time of year. But some unexpected interruptions can be a real blessing.

The Christmas Story itself is full of interruptions. Some at the time were waiting and ready for the unexpected events that came there way. Some were not but responded well to the surprise. But sadly there were many who rejected God’s interruption to the order and plans they had for their lives.  

Simeon and Anna were waiting for the coming Messiah.  The Magi had been watching for centuries. As a result, when that long awaited time came, they were ready to respond and to worship.

For the shepherds in the fields, Joseph and of course Mary, we would have to say that the arrival of God’s messenger, an Angel, came as a surprise, even a shock.  But as they listened to God’s message of Good News they embraced it completely and it changed their lives, and their eternity.

So I want to remind you not to miss out on the unexpected things that will come your way, because they might hold the key to experiencing the fullness of what God has for us this year and in the days ahead.  It might be a call or message from a friend, it might be a chance encounter, it might even be the quiet whisper of The Spirit inviting you to come closer as you worship.

Whatever the interruption, be ready because God is just waiting to catch you by surprise, and to bless you because He loves you.  God has wonderful plans for the people He loves, that means you, are you ready?