Happy New Year wonderful church family. Today it is my prayer that you will know God’s blessing and leading on your life as you seek His will and glory, bring hope to a world that needs God’s love as much as ever before, maybe even more. Our family led worship at Anglesea Family Camp last night to bring in the New Year. Emily, Cara & Nathan leave for Torquay Beach Mission tomorrow, and Ros and I will remain on camp and be back home on Wednesday 6th.

Just a note about changing restrictions for church, at this point the only change for us is that masks will be required indoors during Church on Sunday. Joe is preaching but note that there will be no Communion this Sunday. There is another special surprise but I won’t spoil that. Remember that it is helpful to book before attending if possible as it helps the sign-in process and helps us to prepare for the appropriate number of people. If you make a last minute plan to attend, you can sign in with the QR code at the door. To register please follow this link: https://oakleighbaptist.org/event-calendar/