How do I hear God speak to me

Do you want God to speak to you? Do you want to hear what He has to say each day? I am going to introduce you to a very simple process that you can use on your own, with a friend or even in a small group to help you hear God speak to you.  By simply putting yourself into a position to hear from him is often enough to receive a special treasure that will help get you through the day, or maybe even totally make your day.

The process is called Discovery Bible Method. It doesn’t have to take a long time, often just around the time it takes to eat your breakfast, but it is a fantastic investment and a great way to begin the day. Discovery Bible Method (or DBM) involves four very simple steps:

STEP 1 is Read:  Read a passage of Scripture. Choose a passage, a good place to start is one of the Gospels, but to be honest just pray and go where the Holy Spirit takes you. And with a sense of prayerful expectation, that God loves you and wants to speak to you, read that passage.  Don’t make it too long, maybe around 8 – 15 verses.  Just find a natural break and place to stop.  Read it, then read it again. 

STEP 2 is Retell:  Without looking at the passage just retell what you have read in your words.

STEP 3 is Reflect:  Reflect on what you have read.  I like to ask myself a couple of simple questions: “what is it that stands out to me out of this passage?” What does the passage say about God?  What do I sense that God is saying to me from this reading today? 

STEP 4 is Respond:  The final step is to commit to two things, because we need to respond to what God has said.  Both of these questions are really important, and the reason is because what we are doing is not about knowledge, it is about action and obedience.

So the first question is: What does God want me to do about what I’ve learned?  Determine to do it because our life needs to be based on obedience to God and His will for our life.

The second question is to ask:  Who can I share this with?  This question is really important because our mission is to multiply.  We are called to make disciples, to see other people like our friends and our loved ones  come into a wonderful, life giving relationship with Jesus.

I would love to encourage you to try this for yourself.  Firstly because I believe you will be blessed by it, and secondly because this is going to become a very practical tool that all of us will be encouraged to use to help us share the Good News of the Gospel with others in a simple way that allows God to speak to them.

God is just waiting to be able to speak to people and let them know how much He loves them and wants to have a living, loving, growing relationship with them, an eternal relationship.





Read the passage through twice.

Retell it in your own words.

Reflect: What is God saying to you from this passage today?

Respond: What will you do and who will you tell about what you have learned?

God bless you as you wait to hear what He has to say to you today.